In this week’s blog we shall discuss a bit more about design as per usual but with a slight twist. Over Lassi.

If you are familiar with South Indian cuisine and beverages you will surely be familiar with this healthy blend of curd (yogurt), water and a few other ingredients depending on your taste preferences. For a Pakistani family lassi holds a special place in the hearts of many as they may include a healthy mug full of this creamy, frothy drink in their breakfast especially on the weekend when…




When do we first begin to acquire taste? Why is it that we feel inclined towards one type of genre out of the many fish in the sea? Who gets to decide our taste for a particular art style?

While these questions keep brewing we must take a second to retrace and back track from the topic of discussion. I’ll try my best to break down the next concept as easily as I can.

Let’s start with behavioural psychology as an appetiser shall we?

Are you familiar with Pavolv’s theory? Ivan Pavlov a Russian…

Session 8



What is your all time favorite novel? What genres do you prefer to read over a cup of coffee and some freshly baked brownies? Perhaps this simple question triggered feelings of warmth and happiness within you as you imagine yourself sitting by the window or in your favorite spot around the house, flipping through the pages of the good old hardcover books. Stay there in your happy place with your eyes closed shut and reminisce the smell of each page, the feel of the spine…

Session 7


Metaphorically Speaking about Models

For this little exercise I would like you to resist all urges to google search your way out of the question I am about to throw your way. You must stay focused on the task at hand and block out the little voice in your head that entices you to do otherwise.

Are you ready? Be honest for the next few minutes.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I ask you to describe a housewife ( homemaker)? Add a Pakistani homemaker to the mix, now what image does…

Session 6


Mind your language

They say behind every obstacle is an opportunity, and behind every mistake is a lesson. I never quite thought about this cliché quote I often came across on the internet and it wasn’t until the year 2020 that I stopped to really think deeper and more meaningful-ly. This year will always be remembered as a year full of new opportunities – if you consider it that way. For starters think of how the concept of having remote classes and seminars have birthed opportunities for us to become more aware of the changing patterns around…

Session 5



What do you care about that you want to relentlessly focus on and continue doing?

This was one of the many questions Arnab Chakravarty, our guest speaker for today’s lecture, left us with. Chakravarty, a researcher at the NYU attended the virtual session dedicated to the discussion of craft and craftsmanship. …

Session 4


Do Not What You Please

What notion do you have when you think of a designer and their job? Do you think a designer designs whatever pleases them? Fast track to humongous mountain loads of money and big hefty pocketed clients returning happy, is that the image you conjure when you picture an average day in the life situation? Dear me… you too?

There I’ll come right out out and say it. I’ve been guilty of associating the same glorified image and it wasn’t about recently that I cleared away any and all (…ok all) notorious misconceptions…

Session 3


The Concept of Affordance in the Design Context

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you find a bench to sit on outside ? Do you questions its ability to withhold your body weight? Is it the material that makes you ponder over the level of comfort it may provide? Perhaps it is just the flatness of the bench seat that compels you to sit down upon the rusty little bench you found outside on your daily walk to the park. Whatever maybe your deciding factor you have made a choice and that is…

Session 2

September 11, 2020


How often do we stop to ponder over the things we interact with or make use of in our everyday mundane lives? Perhaps only when they fail to produce the output we subconsciously demand out of their use. This is an interesting phenomenon that has been explained by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger who believed that we as human beings find ourselves living in a world full of things and that we simply can’t. ‘be human’ if we don’t engage ourselves with and through these things. …

Reflection 1; Design and the Human Condition

Before I joined the first online session of Design and the Human Condition, I was skeptical of it being yet another course like our Liberal Arts program with the focus of attention being the field of design. However, I stood corrected when we began to discuss the scope and opportunities associated within the area of concern.

Over the course of years the field of design has evolved immensely and with the advent of technology the design methods have also seen considerable changes. …

Aleezeh Sohail

Thinking out loud

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